About Us

Talofa and welcome to Chief Book Series

Chief Book Series

The Pacific owned New Zealand based writing company Chief Book Series  is dedicated to putting the reader at the centre of your reading experience. We intend to write books that are memorable and relatable for you and your child. We invite you to follow our journey as we create books that will live forever.

Our first book is a bi-lingual language book written in both Samoan and English. We hope to deliver more books like this one that represent our Pacific people, language and culture.

About the Author: Tony Laulu

I am a proud Samoan and father of two awesome boys, Sakalia and Lemalie. I hope you enjoy our debut book 'Lemalie and Sakalia's School Holiday' as much as I enjoyed writing it. A lot of time, late nights, frustrations, triumphs, failures and celebrations went into writing this book but I thank God for his wisdom and direction in its completion.
Please feel free to get in contact with me about the book and how we can work together in getting this into the hands of those who need this book.
We are working on the next bilingual book which was very emotional for me to write. We are aiming for a May release for the next book, stay tuned!

About the Illustrator: Thomas Greentree


My name is Thomas Greentree, I am of Samoan and european descent. My family comes from Taga, Savai’i. My wife is Tongan/Cook Island, so my four children are a mix of all those cultures. 

I have always had a passion for art, technology and Samoan/Pasifika culture/history. I love being able to combine my passions to create digital art - whether it be for illustrations, 3D modelling and animations or game development.

I think it is especially important to use art and technology as a tool to help preserve the uniqueness of our pasifika culture, history and language.