Beyond words. Building connections.

We write books written in both Gagana Samoa and English, taking care to translate our stories in an accurate, intentional, and meaningful way across mediums.

We increase representation of Pacific People in published media by ensuring we centre the narrative on the faces, voices, and lived experiences of 'our people' in the motherland and diaspora.

We are community-first in our approach and intentionally choose projects and opportunities where Pacific Authors, Illustrators, Editors, Translators and Cultural Advisors make up the majority of our team.

We acknowledge that growth is dependent on being teachable and daring, so we are committed to being an industry leader by valuing continual feedback from our community as part of the storytelling process.

We prioritise active participation and collaboration during the creative process, taking care to represent the people and cultures we are writing about with respect and ensure that 'our people' are shown in their full power and place.